#0244 GA No.48 Luis Barragan Barragan House, Los Clubes, San Cristobal

Luis Barragan





Publisher|A.D.A. EDITA Tokyo

Publication date|1979/1/16、1997/7/15






This publication illustrates two private houses designed by the Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Twenty years separate the creation of one from the beginning of the other. The first was built by Barragan for himself; the second for friends who, to entice him into accepting the commission, gave him carte blanche and suggested he consider their house as if it were his.

Barragan’s own house, built in 1947 in the Tacubaya neighborhood of Mexico City is at once garden and house, inextricably bound together. The house sits in a neighborhood of working people. By its purposeful modesty the house joins rank with the surrounding houses. Its facade is almost blank except for entrances and a large window, placed high above the normal sightline so that only the sky can be seen from the inside.

The house represents a subtle elaboration of that part of Mexico’s architectural tradition Barragan loves most: its ranches, villages, and convents. The house is pervaded by a deep feeling of serenity. Barragan has said of this house that it is his refuge “… an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience.”

引用|GA No.48 Luis Barragan Barragan House, Los Clubes, San Cristobal