#0042 GA Frank Lloyd Wright The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. 1915-22

Frank Lloyd Wright

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Author|フランク・ロイド・ライト 二川幸夫

Publisher|A.D.A. EDITA

Publication date|1980/01/18






From infancy, a sort of subjective contemplation, minds and hearts of Japanese are fixed upon the great calm mountain God of their nation – sacred Fujiyama brooding in majesty and eternal calm over all. They deeply worship as the mountain continually changes moods, combining with sun and moon, clouds and mist, in a vast expression of elemental beauty the like of which in dignity and repose exists nowhere else on earth.

It is not too much to say that the sacred mountain is the God of old Japan; Japan the Ancient Modern. The dreaded force that made the great mountain continually takes its toll of life from this devoted people, as the enormous weight of the deep sea beside the tenuous island, deepest sea in the world, strains earth-crust, opening fissures in the bottom of the great valley in which it rests and the sea rushes down to internal fires to become gas and steam expanding or exploding internally, causing earth convulsions that betray the life on the green surf ace.

Great wave movements go shuddering through the body of their land, spasmodically changing all overnight in immense areas. Whole villages disappear. New islands appear as others are lost and all on them. Shores are reversed as mountains are laid low and valleys lifted up. Always flames! The terror of it all faces conflagration at the end.

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