#0046 a+u Architecture and Urbanism 1992:10 No.265|建築と都市

Frank Lloyd Wright




Author|中村敏男 編集者


Publication date|1992/10/1






No Mexican architect is as renowned worldwide as Luis Barragan. His limited number of works has been photographed hundreds of times. In Mexico and elsewhere, the details, colors, furnishings and décor of his works have been reproduced on countless occasions; and of works have been reproduced on countless occasions; and extensive articles have been written analyzing his work, character, and training.

Though he himself insisted on the need to transcend the appearance of forms and seek the essence of things, the fame that surrounds him has made him the object of admiration and imitations, without his being understood. This path has proven easier to imitators, though less commendable. It is thus surprising that a body of work that was the fruit of deep reflection is so thoughtlessly copied today.

Fountains-and water-and the fascination that they held over the architect, and the importance that Barragan gave them in the maturing of his work, have not been sufficiently emphasized, despite their being photographed on numerous occasions. In an interview given in the waning years of his life, Barragan acknowledged the fundamental material of inspiration that his dreams and recollections afforded him: “Whether I am awake or asleep, the sweet memory of beautiful fountains has always been with me.

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