#0004 Jiyu Gakuen, school of the Free Spirit Frank Lloyd Wright|自由学園明日館

Frank Lloyd Wright




Author|谷川正己 宮本正義(写真)


Publication date|2009/3/24






Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan is 500 m away and 10 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station, one of Tokyo’s subcenters. Although the areas around the station is very crowded with skyscrapers, the building site, only 500 m away, is in a quieter residential area.

They say it used to be possible to see Myonichikan in the wooded area of Musashino from Noboriyashiki Station (now-defunct), 1st stop of the Seibu Line. This area is no longer picturesque; all the blocks are covered with houses, winding roads and one-way traffic. When I invited American researchers on Wright to Myonichikan, they were always surprised and would ask me in wonder where we were going.

This approach, from the station to these buildings is not very elegant although it is registered as an Important Cultural Property. However, everyone is convinced that they have arrived at Myonichikan when they have the grand view of it after turning right at the junction of three streets in front of the Fujin no tomo company designed by Raku Endo, the second son of Arata Endo. People often stare in awe at the site.

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