#0287 ANDO Complete Works

Tadao Ando



Contents|水の教会、光の教会 安藤忠雄

Author|Philip Jodidio


Publication date|2007






As the 21st century takes form, it is clear that there is no sense of direction or any prevalent style in architecture. Where uncertainty reigns, the desire for clear answers is all the more pressing.

How can architecture respond to the need to find a spirit of this time, a way of building that neither denies the past nor glorifies it beyond reason? When urban populations rise dramatically, and the quality of life declines, the role of certain creative architects becomes central in defining the future of the built environment.

 Tadao Ando is one of those creators, an architect who has sought and found the keys to adapting modern architecture to the needs of this time. Although he makes abstract reference to Japanese tradition, he is just as much influenced by the powerful simplicity of the best of Modernism. These qualities have made him internationally famous, one of the most popular architects for a generation of students around the world. And yet to understand the depth and importance of Ando’s contribution, it is essential to actually see his buildings, in particular those built in Japan.

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