#0057 TADAO ANDO DETAILS|安藤忠雄ディテール集

Tadao Ando





Publisher|A.D.A. EDITA Tokyo

Publication date|19991/10/03, 1993/02/23(3)






During the process by which an architectural idea is realized as a building, the whole and the parts enter into a tense relationship, and that relationship persists until all work is completed. That relationship of tension provides the context for architectural details. Details are the traces left by an architectural idea as it traverses the gap between the whole and the parts. It is out of the complications met in this process that the most appropriate details for a building emerge. The intention is to create details that activate one another and take on life.

All materials in this world already have been given recognized meaning. However, the design of architecture is not simply a matter of projecting that meaning onto a building. It is only when one has perceived the essential nature of the subject at hand that one is able to shape and refine the form that matter will take. The more profound one’s idea, the more thoroughly will form be crystallized.

Only this approach will make the process of creation apparent. However, there is considerable distance between logic and substance, or between form and material in architecture. In my case, what closes that gap is my own aesthetic sense. It is that sensibility that brings architecture into existence, making subtle adjustments in the building’s relationship to function and maintaining the autonomous character of material and form.

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