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Tadao Ando



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A stream called the Isuzu River flows through the compound of Ise Shrine. I find the sight of its pure current very moving and beautiful. Revisiting the river brings back things I had almost forgotten in the intervening years. Gazing at the long continuous wall that rises from the surface of the water to the level of the eye is strangely relaxing. Perhaps it is because that wall by the water endures even as nature undergoes change and time passes in a never-ending flow.

Water has the strange power to stimulate the imagination and to make us aware of life’s possibilities. Water is a monochromatic material, seemingly colored, yet colorless. In fact, in that monochromatic world there are infinite shades of color. Then, too, water is a mirror. I believe there is a profound relationship between water and the human spirit.

The plans of my early buildings were all symmetrical, as if they had been reflected on water. With time, the symmetry of the plans was gradually relaxed and, thinking about it now, I feel that that may have been caused by the profound influence traditional Japanese architecture has had on me. When I was young, I often went to Kyoto and Nara and visited old Japanese buildings such as works of sukiya architecture and machiya (townhouses).

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